What We Believe

The primary purpose of our church is to proclaim the Gospel in words and deed and “bear much fruit” (John 15:8). We trust implicitly God’s promise that where the Good News of Jesus Christ is shared there will be an “abundant harvest” (Mark 4). We commit ourselves, therefore, to make a personal and corporate witness to our God-given faith, and to grow by reaching out to every person, encouraging and supporting one another in our faith journey.

Worship is the core of our congregational life. In worship we come together as the Body of Christ, in all our diversity, to proclaim the Gospel, share the sacraments, and celebrate our life together, to the praise and glory of God. We believe that music is a common language that spans age, gender, and culture. It is our vision that music uplifts and celebrates our worship and is the leading way that we invite others to visit us and experience our reason for being.

Following Jesus commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself we support a wide variety of service ministries. Reaching out to all we minister to many needs: spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical.

As an evangelical church we commit ourselves to grow and fulfill Jesus’ commission “to go and make disciples”
Therefore empowered by Jesus Christ and what He can accomplish though us we consider ourselves a servant community through which all people are welcome.